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Testimonials: Agency Wars II Bootcamp Participants
Agency Wars - Red Team

“it has been an excellent "kick-start" to my fitness re-start”   C.Peddie

“got me into the best shape for my fight”    D.Graham

“more fit & active”    M.Repaskey

“pushed me hard and set the tone for all my training”    D.Mark

“taught me new things to incorporate into my training”    Z.Barrett

“improved speed and endurance”    P.Di Petta

“gained a completely new outlook on working out”    S.Henderson

“gave me confidence that I can do - attitude”    L.Fracalanza

“kicked me back into peak shape and motivated me to keep going”    E.Figueiredo

“learned amazing workouts”    E.Nielson

Agency Wars - Red Team

“feel and look to be in better shape”    B.Hernert

“better physical shape”    C.Cameron

“have a lot more energy now”    J.Hickman

“lost weight and increased stamina”    Z.Patail

“solid results in a short period of time”    F.Wantuch

“it's hard to push yourself this way on your own”    S.Reddick

“had a lot of fun”    A.Burcersco

“more muscle definition”    B.Marshall

“cardio training not only helped in the ring but on the ice”    T.Pretsell

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